About Alfred

Alfred Taren’s passion for business and entrepreneurship began at an early age.

Born and raised in Baldwin Park, California, Alfred was the oldest of five siblings in a single-parent household.

He quickly assumed leadership within his own family by helping his mother with his younger siblings; and, even found ways to generate income streams to alleviate his mother’s financial burden.

Alfred applied all that he learned from his family life to his career and became a licensed supplemental health and life insurance professional and earned his place as one of the top sales leaders within his field for more than ten years.

His continuous passion to learn and desire to exploit new markets led him to open a post-foreclosure real estate firm in 2014, where he helped generate over 50 million dollars in sales. During which time, he also obtained an alcohol license and opened a thriving bar and beverage catering company.

Alfred’s ability to recognize lucrative markets, build talented teams and his tenacity to win is what allows him to flourish in all that he sets his mind to.

Today, Alfred is the President of Genius Ventures Inc., an immersive technology agency, that partners with Fortune 500 brands and enterprise clients to bring Augmented Reality and Immersive Technology solutions to consumers around the globe.

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